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April 14 2018

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April 13 2018

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April 12 2018

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Why is Carly Rae Jepsen drinking from a fishbowl

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This post is going to rushed but I’m still shaking and it’s hard to type but I NEED people to know this

My mom just took my dog to the vet
She(my dog) was(still is?) having a seizure

Last month we took my dog to the vet and they told us she had developed diabetes, they told us it was caused by the food she was eating, purina beneful.
They told us that there have been many many many reports of Beneful has been causing diabetes, seizures, and even death in dogs.

We had no idea

We immediately switched her food and put her on a special diet plan for her diabetes, unfortunately the effects were already permeate.

Today at 11:20 my mom woke me up crying, I helped her carry my dog to the car (while she was still having a seizure) and watched her drive away red faced and still crying.

Please please PLEASE if you are feeding your pets Purina beneful PLEASE switch their food ASAP
Beneful is poising dogs and I don’t want anyone else to experience what I just did
Also if you could please help me signal boost this so everyone can know

February 07 2018

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Thank you to the anon who suggested this, hope it was helpful!

- patreon - commissions -

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I really hate it when parents of autistic kids use phrases like “I know they’re in there.” Bitch they’re right in front of you! You haven’t lost them! They’re not locked away like a final boss in a video game!! This is your child As Is! Love them for who they are not what you wish they would be! Fuck!

I didn’t expect this to get notes but it’s absolutely ok to reblog and I’m glad it has been

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ALL of this

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This map should be included in every history book.

Oh wow! I’ve been wanting this for ages!

This needs to be in every history book along with a map showing where those nations have been pushed to now.





i will never be over vernon dursley telling people at his wedding that james potter was some kind of amateur magician, implying that he wasn’t even that good

100% believe that if petunia hadn’t cut lily out of her life, james would have just rolled with it and learned muggle magic tricks and performed them at various family functions, like

try to wear the full magician costume to dudleys christening 

“you can’t wear that james” 
“it’s the only way i’m going, lil” 
“fine but give me your wand” 
“my real one, or the fake one that shoots out flowers?” 
“both, and you’d better tidy the handkerchiefs are trailing out of your trouser leg before we leave”

“I’m not a magician, marge, i’m an illusionist.”

petunia walks in on james pretending to saw toddler dudley in half for toddle harry’s amusement

actually incorporating magic into the tricks and freaking the hell out of vernon’s extended family

standing up at christmas and saying that he’d like to perform a magic trick. and vernon and petunia are HORRIFIED and lily just pours more wine but marge says ‘let him do it’ so she can mock him?? and he tries/fails to ‘vanish’ the napkins 3-4 times and it doesn’t work, until the fourth time when it DOES and it freaks the hell out of vernon’s extended family

and that is probably when petunia cuts lily out of her life for Real

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Tuesday! Zulu knots. Idk why I am posting two drawings at at time! Lol I don’t know why I like to give myself more work

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straights aren’t allowed to celebrate valentine’s day!!! gays only holiday go home!!!

yall annoying as fuck

im going to invert your corporeal form

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Richard M. Powers
cover art for Philip K. Dick’s A Maze of Death

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Commission for queersherlockian!




just a reminder that if a person of color tells you that something you do is racist it is in your best interest to listen to them and self crit rather than argue with them
if you truly want to be an ally, if you’re really committed to the struggle, listen to the voices of poc who go out of their way to educate you and stop fighting them lmao

why y'all “allies” sleeping on this

because this has been making the rounds again i’d like to add on a few things:

  • this goes for people of color too, not just white people. racism, especially anti-blackness and colorism, aren’t unique to white people, everybody’s gotta check themselves on their own internalized biases and prejudices 
  • if a person of color does go out of their way to educate you and you know that this is something you can research or inform yourself about without making this person do unnecessary emotional labour, hit google real quick and educate yourself, it’s not that hard
  • use your common sense. i’ve seen so many people on this post say “this person of color said air conditioning/saying the phrase “black coffee”/whatever xyz nonsense is racist, do i still have to listen to them?” don’t play and argue over stuff you already know is nonsense for the sake of refusing to critique real issues of racism get outta here
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Countries that are food-self-sufficient

#im frankly amazed that india and the US made it into this tbh#well maybe lessss so for india

remember that the majority of non-coastal america - the majority of the country by land area - is sort of like one massive, thinly populated food factory. the US is the world’s largest producer of corn, soy, dairy, chicken, and beef, not to mention a host of other non-staple foods. in fact, understanding what the US chooses to do with its colossal agricultural surplus is vital to understanding US imperialism. many of the countries not marked as ‘food-self-sufficient’ on this map are fed largely by the united states, including mexico and much of east/southeast asia

you may have heard the anecdote about how ‘america’s economic governance is so backward, farmers get paid not to grow corn!’ (or to burn their corn, etc.) well, that actually happens because america produces so much food that the excess is constantly threatening to drive prices below profitable levels. america has to deliberately restrain its own agricultural production so it doesn’t collapse under its own weight

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